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Note: This site documents N.C.’s work on making public schools tobacco free, from 2000 until state law went into effect in 2008, and is provided as a resource for states and communities currently working to make their schools tobacco free. Factual information reflects research and data from 2000-2008.

Petition in support of 100% Tobacco-Free Schools

Download and print this document in PDF format (77kb)
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Download this petition to sign an present to your local school board to show the support in your community for a 100% tobacco-free school policy. The petition includes the information below on the first page, with a second page for signatures.

Why should NC schools adopt a 100% tobacco-free school policy?

  • Permitting tobacco on school campus means:
    • kids will breathe secondhand smoke;
    • the prevention messages learned in the classroom will be contradicted elsewhere on campus;
    • children will see their adult role models on school campuses engaging in unhealthy behavior;
    • kids are more likely to see tobacco use is normal;
    • youth access to tobacco products is increased.
  • Each year, the equivalent of 950 classrooms of NC students will become tobacco users.
  • Over 30% of North Carolina’s high school students currently use tobacco products – a rate higher than the national average. Those North Carolina students who try tobacco products usually start around age 12.
  • More than a third of all kids who try tobacco will become regular daily users before leaving school.
  • Research shows tobacco use rates among youth decline 20% to 40% in schools with a consistently enforced, 100% tobacco-free school policy in place – one that bans all tobacco use on school campus, in school vehicles, and at school events, by everyone and at all times.

Over half of North Carolina school districts have this policy. Isn’t it time all NC school districts are 100% tobacco-free?




Updated: December 19, 2019